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the same cops who can not tell the difference between an Arkansas plate and an Arizona plate are yet somehow the same cops who can tell the difference between dui, who is the aggressor in a DV case, who made a furtive motion in a defensive shooting case and whose extensive training and experience as a leo qualifies them to be a sme in a court of law.104: r/justiceporn, the college admission scandal, and u/dogboobes is cutting back from 2 packs a pod. March 19, 2019. Well, this college admission scandal …

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Nigeria has lost potentially billions of dollars in paid fines due to the legal wording For many years much of the environmental damage in Nigeria’s delta regions has been largely ...A redditor who owned a toy store threw a toy party for the girl. I think redditors ended up buying her almost every toy in the store! The excess toys were donated to kids at the local hospital.Nigeria has lost potentially billions of dollars in paid fines due to the legal wording For many years much of the environmental damage in Nigeria’s delta regions has been largely ...The R Project for Statistical Computing Getting Started. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.And because we’re now chasing the white pony of justice, we decided to dig into r/justiceporn this week. Plus, as a member of the highest echelon of college-educated salt-minters, u/myfreeday is uniquely qualified to tell us about the fight between America’s vanguard and the proletariat. Plus, u/dogboobes cyberbullies us on the air, white ... The fact that they did it to themselves makes it so much better. Seeing their stupidity come back to bite them is so satisfying. It sounds horrible, but if you ever talk to one of these people, you'll feel dumber leaving the conversation. R/JusticePorn, can we stop with "i'm gona be a douche on purpose to the cops to get a reaction" videos? They are tantamount to a putting his finger a centimeter away from you and saying "i'm not touching you". For instance, the videos of people walking up and down main st with a rifle and then getting boners when the cops ask what they're doing ...that is true for the most part. Ironically, the Patel caste tends to be more successful than your average judge. It's mostly well educated, if you're rich in India there's not much of a reason to move from there. It's atrociously hard to get into America legally unless you marry into it or have a skill America needs, and even then the line is ...Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and the world's richest person, is spending a lot of money to counter his company's questionable environmental record. On Nov. 16, Amazon founder Jeff Be...At least bull fighting doesn’t always end in the animals death. Cockfights have been illegal in Puerto Rico since 2019. I believe that law aimed at Puerto Rico was legislated state side …Rocket scientist: Louisville police say man fatally shot while trying to carjack undercover police officersThe_Environmentalist • 10 mo. ago. A couple of years ago, maybe 5-10, there was a armed robbery in Södertälje, Sweden. They used fake AK47 to rob a jewelry store. The look out that was standing outside waiving his fake AK47 around was shoot and killed by undercover police officers responding to the call.r/JusticePorn • by soulstealer1984 sovereign citizen father and son kill two cops and then are killed later by police (skip to about 5:30 for the start of the action)If a white criminal breaks into anothers home and the homWell there is a picture. But by the angle of the tire tracks they wo r/JusticePorn. r/JusticePorn. Where Justice is Made Members Bloomberg Philanthropies has honored nine cities for using data to improve their residents' lives, and Los Angeles tops the list. Michael Bloomberg, business magnate and former may... The video went viral after it was posted to the Reddit

More posts from r/JusticePorn. subscribers . Vast-Championship808 ...There is actually 5 bullies. Seems like some kind of thug interrogation, they kept demanding the victim to "talk" . In the clearer video, I notice mostly what the 4 girls are doing to their victim is impotently slapping, hair holding, and stepping on her back with all the force a 100lb Chinese girl can muster. The incriminating clip shot to the top of Reddit ‘s r/justiceporn —the social news site’s forum that highlights incidents in which justice is served—on Tuesday, receiving more than 3,000 karma... The man in orange asked them to keep it down. They did that, but when it got louder again the man asked them to come. First the kids ran and hide but then the kid in blue went to the man. The man in orange then slapped the kid, they thought about calling the police.

Nigeria has lost potentially billions of dollars in paid fines due to the legal wording For many years much of the environmental damage in Nigeria’s delta regions has been largely ...Adrenaline is a hell of a thing. I picked up a guy in my ems career who broke both legs, tib/fib on both and femur on another. He was in such a panic that he actually got up and ran about 10 feet before collapsing to the ground.Upgrades are harder and harder to come by, so you wouldn't want to mess up your chances. Reader Questions are answered twice a week by TPG Senior Points & Miles Contributor Ethan S...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Get ratings and reviews for the top 12 gutter guard companies . Possible cause: Apropos to nothing, the dude that plays Ender is in a Netflix show called &.

Thinking about this scenario or even something worse where the gunman is competent can help prepare someone to deal with it in the moment. Either way, I think slamming the gas …Taught a lesson. I believe is referencing "orange coat" here who could barely be bothered to help "green coat" while "grey coat" smashed "green coat" into the vending machine. "Orange coat" also barely lent any assistance to the cashier as she gave "grey coat" the pow to the kisser that he so desperately needed. Green coat = super fucking wasted.That was so awesome. I actually got a rush of joy when the guy kicked the dude in the back, then the other guy that was getting beat on just booted the dude in the face and knocked him out cold. I wish someone would have knocked the fuck out of those fat bitches, they didnt act so tough when they didnt have two guys holding the dude down already.

The latest COP26 draft deal is not so hardline about fossil fuels. Good morning, Quartz readers! Was this newsletter forwarded to you? Sign up here. Forward to that friend who keep... The amount of boxer shorts and butt cracks is too damn high! I almost went blind. "Bitch niggas dont be hatin on me no more, i put a hole in your head while im releasin' yo soul" - heard while staring at a big black ass feeding another man uppercuts. Yeah. Thats enough internets for today. full asscrack shot. The woman punched the guy in the stomach and the guy punched her face, resulting in many white knights popping out of the background to defend the woman. Cops show up and the girl starts the waterworks to throw them off. The officers didn't buy it since they usually were in that area due to bar fights.

“Are you ready to go back to school?!& the man filming with a dash cam is a volunteer policeman which films a lot of people driving illegally on roads on his free time. the man in the blue car was previously filmed overtaking several times on a solid line (illegal, and very dangerous), and later had his face filmed on a red light, which is when he noticed he is being filmed.The term originates from an interview with a motorcycle entusiast, cant remember who atm (e: it was with the American Motorcycle Association), where they try to distance motorcycle riders/hobbyists in general from biker gangs by saying … Watch Young Justice porn videos for free, here onEven if you're running one of the best antivirus application r/JusticePorn. r/JusticePorn. Where Justice is Made Members Online. Shop owner's vehicle stolen, so he sends his employee to worst neighborhood in city to steal the car back. youtube upvotes ... r/JusticePorn. r/JusticePorn. Where Justice is Made Members Onl So if someone tells you to kill them, would you? There are clearly things you should not do despite provocation. Restraint feels more satisfying anyways, having known you can elevate yourself above the person in question instead of stooping down to their level, and below it. Each of the videos in this compilation has been on r/JusticePor r/JusticePorn. r/JusticePorn. Where Justice is Made Members Online.2.3K votes, 598 comments. 704K subscribers in the J Judge throws drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court. Sort by: ajn63. • 16 min. ago. Judge did the right thing. Trashy people need to understand consequences. 4. r/JusticePorn. San Leandro police say the suspects approached San Leandro police say the suspects approached the victim with a gun, but the victim stopped them when he body-slammed one of the suspects to the ground. Police say these two suspects were later involved in another attempted carjacking that got four children, ages 11-14, arrested last week. Carjacking gone wrong. Ballsy move, but it worked. The dr[Bonus TIA and SRS drama as well. (5) /r/JusticePorn Why is this even being analyzed? Seems like a reasonable The latest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage dipped to 4.636%, while average rates for other loan categories moved higher. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters ...